AWS re:Invent is designed to bring together AWS users of all skill levels to connect, engage, and learn more about AWS.

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All sessions will be delivered by subject matter experts, AWS engineers, Solutions Architects or expert customers who will share their real world experiences and lessons learned. Please browse through our current 2016 offerings and keep checking back for updates throughout the next few months.

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Session Levels

AWS re:Invent Introductory Level Sessions hall.


Sessions are focused on providing an overview of AWS services or features, with the assumption that attendees are new to the topic. These sessions highlight basic use cases, features, functions, and benefits.

AWS re:Invent Advanced Level Sessions hall.


Sessions will dive deeper into the selected topic. Presenters assume the audience has some familiarity with the topic but may or may not have direct experience implementing a similar solution. Code may be shared, but will not be the primary focus of the session.

AWS re:Invent Expert Level Sessions hall.


Sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations. Presenters will dive into code, cover advanced tricks, and explore future developments in the technology.

re:Source Mini Con New

Wish that you could spend more than a few hours in your favorite sessions? This year, AWS re:Invent will offer you the opportunity to plunge even deeper into some of today’s hottest tech topics. Think of it as a one-day, fully immersive mini-conference guiding you through topics like machine learning, security and compliance, IoT, containers, big data and analytics, and serverless computing.

Reserved Seating New

You asked, we listened. This year, when you add a breakout session to your AWS re:Invent calendar, you will automatically have a seat reserved in that session. Here’s how it will work: the session catalog will be posted later this summer, with new sessions added every week. One month before re:Invent, we’ll notify you that the session scheduling tool is going live. This is your chance to build your customized conference calendar. Reserve a spot in your favorite session or, if it’s full, join the waitlist. If a spot opens up, you’ll automatically get a seat.

Sign up for the "Registered Seating at AWS re:Invent 2016," webinar on October 27 at 1:30pm and visit our Reserved Seating info page.

Breakout Sessions New

This year, we’re offering even more of our popular one-hour breakout sessions led by AWS subject-matter experts and/or top AWS customers. These sessions are an informative mixture of lectures, demonstrations, and guest speakers. You’ll find deep dive technical content, customer stories, and new launch announcements in these sessions.


New at AWS re:Invent this year is a half day of sessions specially designed for IT professionals and developers from a range of industrial sectors. On Monday, November 28, 1:00pm-6:00pm, network with peers and learn specifics about how you can deploy on AWS.

Breakout Session Track Descriptions


Amazon Alexa, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, Cognito, Elastic Beanstalk

The Alexa track will dive deep into the technology behind the Alexa Skills Kit and the Alexa Voice Service, with a special focus on using AWS Services to enable voice experiences. You’ll hear from senior evangelists and engineers and learn best practices from early Alexa developers.


architecture principles, best practices, high availability, fault tolerance, performance

Sessions in the architecture track will show you how to design highly available, performant, cost-effective cloud architectures on AWS.

Business Apps

Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkMail, Amazon WorkDocs, managed desktops, virtual desktops

Sessions in the Business Apps track will show how you can use Amazon WorkSpaces, Amazon WorkMail, and Amazon Desktop to meet the usability, performance and reliability expectations of employees while delivering on the security and compliance requirements of the most demanding enterprise IT organizations.


Amazon EC2, Auto Scaling, Amazon VPC, Elastic Load Balancing

Amazon EC2 and its family of related services enable customers to incubate ideas, start new ventures, consolidate datacenter operations, and scale fast-growing business to millions of users.

Sessions in the Compute track cover the latest instance types and features of Amazon EC2, Amazon VPC, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, and show how to operate at scale and efficiently manage your compute resources.

Content Delivery

Amazon CloudFront, Content Delivery Network (CDN), Elemental Technologies, Dynamic content, Transcoding, Live streaming, Video on demand, Media delivery

The Content Delivery track will cover how you can accelerate the delivery of your website, APIs, application, or video content securely to your end users. Sessions highlight Amazon CloudFront best practices and the synergy you can achieve by using Amazon CloudFront with services like AWS WAF, Elemental Technologies and Amazon Elastic Transcoder.


Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Aurora

Sessions in the Databases track will cover how to set up, operate, and scale relational, NoSQL and analytic databases and data warehouses in the cloud, and will go deep into Amazon RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache, and Amazon Aurora.

DevOps and Tools

AWS CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, AWS Developer Tools (AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline), AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Programming Toolkits (AWS CLI and SDKs)

The DevOps and Tools track will cover best practices for DevOps and solutions to help you rapidly and reliably deliver and run your applications at scale. Breakout sessions in this track will introduce and dive deep into technical solutions for implementing these best practices on AWS, using AWS services for DevOps and popular third-party tools. This track also includes topics for developers interested in AWS programming toolkits such as our SDKs or CLI.

Enterprise & Migration

change management, TCO, migration, cost optimization, assessment, adoption

The sessions in the Enterprise & Migration track will explore how to select projects for the cloud, how to improve economics, how to plan and execute migrations, and how to manage change in large-scale IT transformations to cloud.


AWS Lambda, AWS Mobile Hub, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Mobile Analytics, Auto Scaling

Sessions in the Mobile track will help you understand AWS’ latest portfolio of mobile-optimized services and provide examples of best practices and lessons learned from real-world companies that use AWS to power their mobile apps.


Amazon VPC, AWS Direct Connect, Amazon Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing

The Networking sessions will go deep into the range of networking services provided by AWS. You will be able to create a logically isolated network that you define, establish a private network connection to the AWS cloud, use a highly available and scalable DNS service and deliver content to your end users with low latency at high data transfer speeds with a content delivery web service.

Security and Compliance

Governance, AWS Directory Service, AWS IAM, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS CloudWatch

The Security and Compliance track will provide you with the latest information about security-related AWS features and capabilities, as well as how to tailor them to meet your business objectives and compliance requirements.


Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon EBS, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon EFS, Amazon Import/Export Snowball

In the Storage track, you’ll learn how to use the different AWS storage services and features, gain insights into practical strategies and architectural patterns, and learn best practices to optimize your storage tiers to implement secure, scalable solutions, and reduce costs.


Attend the Windows track to learn from AWS technical experts and customers how to get the most out of running Windows workloads on AWS.

re:Source Mini Con Descriptions

Big Data

architecture principles, best practices, high availability, fault tolerance, performance

Sessions in the Big Data track will provide best practices, architectural design patterns, and in-depth discussions of Hadoop, Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight, and a variety of other data services.


Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Docker

In the Containers track, you will learn how to use Amazon ECS to run Docker-enabled containers on AWS and build robust, scalable applications and services.



Sessions in the IoT track will highlight best practices using the cloud for IoT applications, connecting devices with AWS IoT, and using AWS endpoints.

Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence

Sessions in the Machine Learning track will show you how to apply predictive analytics to your data and add new smart data processing features to your applications using Amazon Machine Learning as well as open source frameworks like Spark ML running on Amazon EMR.


Governance, AWS Directory Service, AWS IAM, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS CloudWatch

The Security Technical Deep Dive is a one-day deep dive into security and compliance topics with sessions and workshops that will cover automation, the AWS Cloud for decisions makers, and creative solutions combining AWS services.

Serverless Computing

AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway

In the Serverless Computing track, you will learn how to build serverless architectures on AWS using AWS Lambda. We will demonstrate how you can build a range of applications, from data processing systems to mobile backends to web applications.


Financial Services

Learn how Financial Services organizations are using the AWS Cloud to develop secure and scalable solutions that increase customer and shareholder value, accelerate go-to-market speeds, and drive innovation.


Learn how game developers and studios of all sizes, platforms and game genres use the AWS Cloud to empower their studio operations and game production.


Learn how AWS is being used to create technical solutions in population health, healthcare analytics, and patient engagement.

Life Sciences

Attend sessions showing how to use AWS to help you incorporate large-scale genomics into your research pipeline, improve your global collaborations, and solve problems in your supply chain.

Media & Entertainment

Learn how media and entertainment companies are using the AWS Cloud to accelerate content production, automate media supply chains, scale content distribution, and reduce time and costs for launching new service offerings.

Public Sector

Public Sector organizations around the world are taking advantage of cloud not only to reduce costs, but also to transform the way they deliver on the mission. Learn how customers in government, education and nonprofits are innovating to further their mission and hear how they are using cloud technology to advance solutions for diseases, transform education, pave the way for governments to innovate in how they interact with citizens, tackle compliance and security requirements and other regulations and mandates and leverage open data to drive economic development.

Learn more about Industry sessions at re:invent.

Workshops — Expanded For 2016

Looking for a different way to learn about your favorite topics? Sign up for a workshop! Workshops engage attendees in a small-scale, hands-on session that provides a more tangible way to learn. These sessions are two-plus hours long and are capped at about 75 attendees per workshop to maximize networking and learning opportunities.

Workshop details will be available in late summer when the session catalog is released.

Dev Chats

Bring your questions to our Dev Chats, which let you “ask the expert” anything about a specific topic, solution, or technology. Visit the Developer Lounge in the Expo Hall to connect with experts in these small-scale, short-format sessions.

Live Demos

You don’t need hours of practice to pick up a new skill. These short-format, real-time demo sessions are a great way to get how-to instructions straight from the experts.

In addition, you can revisit a few of our highest-rated sessions from re:Invent 2015: