At Aria, not only will you learn about our newest technologies, you’ll learn in new ways! In addition to breakout sessions and workshops, we will have several hands-on opportunities. Small group sessions give you the opportunity to sit down with a topic expert and learn how to build an Alexa skill or work hands-on with the latest IoT technology. We will also have a Builders Fair that lasts all week, where you can not only see AWS technical and customer demos, but also participate in these demos yourself.



AWS IoT, AWS Greengrass

Sessions in the IoT track highlight best practices for building and deploying IoT applications, connecting devices with AWS IoT, and using AWS Greengrass to easily connect your IoT devices to the cloud.

Machine Learning

Amazon Machine Learning, predictive analytics, Amazon Polly, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, MXNet

The Machine Learning track covers the full suite of Machine Learning and deep learning capabilities on the AWS Cloud for all developers, from new initiates to intelligent applications to experienced innovators. You’ll learn how to use our managed services to quickly implement solutions related to image analysis, facial recognition, text-to-speech, chatbots, and more. The track also covers your options to build Machine Learning solutions with platform services, as well as how to build deep learning applications with Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, Caffe2, and other major frameworks.

Serverless Computing

AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway

In the Serverless Computing track you will learn how to build serverless applications on AWS using AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Step Functions, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3, and other serverless technologies. We’ll demonstrate how to build a range of applications from data processing systems, mobile backends, and web applications.


Amazon Alexa, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, Cognito, Elastic Beanstalk

The Alexa track dives deep into the technology behind the Alexa Skills Kit and the Alexa Voice Service, with a special focus on using AWS Services to enable voice experiences. You’ll hear from senior evangelists and engineers, and learn best practices from early Alexa developers.


Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, Docker

In the Containers track, you learn how to use Amazon ECS to run Docker-enabled containers on AWS, as well as build robust, scalable applications and services.

Analytics & Big Data

Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Redshift, Amazon QuickSight, HPC, Hadoop, Spark, Presto, AWS Glue

The Analytics & Big Data track will provide best practices, architectural design patterns and in-depth discussions on Amazon Athena, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon QuickSight, AWS Glue, and a variety of other analytics services.

AI Activities at the Aria

Robocar Rally 2017

Get behind the keyboard at Robocar Rally 2017 for hands-on experience with deep learning, autonomous cars, and Amazon AI and IoT services. At Robocar Rally 2017, you’ll learn the latest in autonomous car technology from industry leaders and join a pit crew to customize, train, and race your own 1/16th scale autonomous car. The road to Robocar Rally 2017 begins soon with a series of Twitch streams and blog posts to accelerate your learning on how to build, deploy, and train your own 1/16th scale autonomous car.

All registered attendees will be provided an autonomous 1/16th scale car to race against each other in time trials on the re:Invent Circuit. However, you can also build and bring your own car for separate exhibition races.

The event begins on Sunday with an introduction to autonomous cars from 6-10pm, and a full day of hacking on Monday from 7am to 12pm.

Deep Learning Summit

Machine Learning, deep learning

This year for the first time, AWS is hosting a Deep Learning Summit specifically designed for developers interested in learning more about the latest in deep learning applied research and emerging trends. Attendees will hear from industry thought leaders—members of the academic and venture capital communities—who will share their perspectives on deep learning trends and emerging centers of gravity. After the talks, we invite you to network with your peers and subject matter experts to continue the conversations.

The Deep Learning Summit takes place on Thursday, November 30th, from 1:00-5:00pm in the Aria.