Need help finding an open session specific to your
industry, role, or company size?

With a session catalog of over 2,000 sessions, workshops, chalk talks, builders sessions, and hackathons, there is a lot of content to choose from, especially once you are onsite. We designed the Schedule Experts (SE) program to help you find the right sessions for you while you are onsite at re:Invent. Professional SEs will help you navigate the session catalog and find the sessions most relevant to you. These SEs will be available onsite at re:Invent from Nov. 26–29, in the five venues and locations listed below.


Schedule Experts will be wearing black vests, and you’ll find them next to the agenda walls in these locations:


  • West Level 2, Entrance to ARIA West meeting space
  • West Level 3, Near the Juniper Ballroom
  • East Level 2, Near the Cypress Executive Lounge


  • Level 1, Near the Grand Patio Foyer


  • Level 1, Near the Conference Center Grand Pre-Function Area
  • Level 3, Near the Conference Center Premier Pre-Function Area


  • Level 1, Near the Promenade


  • Level 1, Near Casanova
  • Level 2, Near Artist Foyer
  • Level 3, Near Murano
  • Level 4, Near Lando
  • Level 5, Near Palazzo