Hackathons and Jams

What Are Hackathons and Jams?

Hacks and jams are highly gamified sessions where participants complete tasks that challenge and educate them on the use of a wide range of AWS services. Each event provides fun, action-packed challenges that you tackle as part of a team.

We provide access to the required AWS infrastructure. Your task is to find the best solution or answer while learning and experimenting with a diverse set of AWS services and varied use cases. All you need is a laptop. No specific domain knowledge is required, but we recommend that you have foundational knowledge of AWS products and services.

You can reserve seats in our hacks and jams when reserved seating opens for all other content.


Venue: MGM Grand

GameDay is a simulation exercise that challenges your AWS skills with deploying, maintaining, and scaling an application in the face of changes and threats from both inside and outside your organization. Participants are given live AWS accounts and can expect a fully hands-on and gamified experience based on real-world events.

You’ll work as part of a new DevOps team at Unicorn.Rentals, the company that dominates the Legendary Animal Rental Market. To maintain Unicorn.Rentals’ market dominance, you will help us grow and scale our systems. You’ll need to manage unpredictable feature releases, changes to our microservices architecture, traffic fluctuations, new requirements, and much more. You and your team will earn points by keeping your application running, the requests flowing, and your customers happy.

GameDay is suitable for anyone with AWS experience. Whether you’re a developer, a solutions architect, or a DevOps practitioner, there’s something for everyone. It’s open-ended, so you can solve problems in a variety of ways. You’ll have to communicate well with your team, prioritize your actions, and execute your plans to win the day.


Security Jam

Venue: MGM Grand

AWS releases over a hundred new features and services each year. Do you know how those impact your security and risk programs? Have you used them to practice hardening environments and/or responding to security incidents?

The Security Jam is a fun, interactive, hands-on event that allows individuals with different skill levels to work in teams and respond to a set of simulated security incidents within workloads running on AWS. As the challenges develop, you will take the initial infrastructure that we provide and improve it into a resilient and secure deployment. We will provide all new challenges for you to test your knowledge of AWS services and information security.

This is an opportunity to leverage a wide range of AWS services, with a focus on using the cloud to protect the workloads running within it. If you get excited about securing your workloads, come and challenge your skill set while learning new techniques.

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