At AWS, we believe the future of tech is every color, gender, belief, origin, and community. There is no shortage of opportunities at AWS re:Invent to get connected with other customers, partners and employees. Join us and be a part of this awesome community. Additional community info coming soon.

We Power Tech: Inclusion at re:Invent

Amazon Web Services celebrates the diversity of our customers, partners, and employees. Amazon has always been, and always will be, committed to tolerance and inclusion. Below is a list of activities focusing on inclusion at re:Invent.

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Breakout Sessions

Learn from experts leading and building inclusion in the tech industry. Individual session details will be included in the session catalog.

We Power Tech Happy Hour

Wednesday, November 28 | 6PM — 8PM
ARIA – Primrose 4

Join fellow re:Invent attendees as we come together to celebrate inclusion in tech. All re:Invent attendees are invited and welcome.

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Accenture Trend Micro


At AWS, we believe the future of tech is every color, gender, belief, origin, and community. Stop by the booth to meet the team and learn how “We Power Tech” is powering the future of diversity and inclusion in the technology community. The booth is located in the AWS Village in the Expo.


Accessibility accommodations and services are available at re:Invent. View our Accessibility page to learn more about the available services offered this year.

Accessible Transportation Services: Dial +1 (619) 921-0173 directly to schedule transportation services for anyone requiring mobility assistance. Available during conference hours only. Please call at least 60 minutes in advance to ensure scheduling.

Mother’s Rooms

Mother’s Rooms are private spaces available for breastfeeding or expressing breast milk. Mother’s Rooms are available throughout the re:Invent campus. Visit the Help Desk at each property to check out a key to use the room.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Gender Neutral Restrooms are available at each property within the re:Invent campus.

Reflection/Quiet Rooms

Reflection or Quiet Rooms are available to meditate, pray, or spend quiet time. Rooms are made available across the re:Invent campus and can be used when needed during general conference hours. If you need assistance finding a room, connect with a nearby Info Desk to be directed to the nearest location.