Marcia Villalba
Senior Full-Stack Developer at Rovio
Helsinki, Finland

This guide is intended for re:Invent attendees who are getting started with serverless technologies, as well as companies who are exploring the idea of adopting serverless.

The sessions recommended in this guide showcase companies successfully using serverless technologies, review architecture patterns for building serverless architectures, and discuss foundational elements of databases and monitoring. I’ve also recommended a few hands-on workshops which will help you get started with serverless. If the talk name has an R in the name it means that it has a repeat so you can find it in other times as well.




  • SRV202 - Developing Your First Serverless Web Application on AWS
    This workshop is designed to help participants understand serverless concepts, developer workflow, and application architecture. It is a hands-on opportunity to develop a secure and scalable serverless web application leveraging AWS developer tools and serverless services. You should walk away with some practical knowledge that you can apply on your own to future projects.
  • ARC306 - Breaking up the Monolith
    This chalk talk discussion talks through a real-world example of breaking up a monolith, covering when you should begin to refactor to a microservices approach, and best ways to approach this challenge.
  • SRV322-R1 - From Monolith to Modern Apps: Best Practices
    In this session, we learn to migrate existing applications and build a strategy and financial model to lay the foundation to build everything in a truly serverless way on AWS.


  • SRV306-R1 - Managing Identity Management, Authentication, and Authorization for Serverless Applications
    In this hands-on workshop, you build a microservices-based application demonstrating end-to-end authentication and authorization through use of Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, and Application Load Balancer turn-key authorization, AWS Lambda, and all things IAM.
  • ARC305 - Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices
    This session describes reusable serverless patterns while considering costs. It should help you recognize candidates for serverless architectures in your own organizations and understand areas of potential savings and increased agility.
  • ARC213-R2 - Architecting for the Cloud
    This talk highlights specific "light bulb" moments for AWS customers as the cloud redefined how they think about scalability, designing for failure, constrained thinking, elasticity, parallel processing, loose coupling, and more.
  • SRV314-R1 - Securing Serverless Applications and AWS Lambda
    This is a workshop where participants get hands-on experience applying security best practices to improve the security posture of a basic serverless application. You’ll learn about coding best practices for security as well as many of the security features and services provided by the AWS platform, such as IAM, resource policies, input validation, Private API endpoints, and Secrets Manager.

I hope this guide helps you out on your journey towards serveless. There is so much to learn at re:Invent! Don't forget that taking time to network and enjoy other activities is a big part of the conference. And please feel free to check out my video series, I post a new AWS how-to video every week!