Jarrod Levitan
Chief Growth Officer at Onica
Vancouver, Canada

As the masses descend on Las Vegas the last week of November to immerse themselves in the AWSomeness of Cloud technology, an important thing to know going in is that it’s all about the learning at AWS re:Invent. As a corporate executive there is no better place to learn about the latest in AWS technology than at re:Invent.

This will be my sixth time attending re:Invent and I’ve seen it grow from crowds of 9,000 to 40,000, while learning many great lessons— and a few hard ones along the way. Being an executive means always looking for trends and solutions that I can bring back to my teams to explore for our customers’ benefit. With that in mind, here’s an agenda I’ve put together including great sessions focused on the technologies that everyone is talking about: IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Serverless, mixed up with a little DevOps, and all with an Enterprise flavour. This agenda is designed to keep you mostly in an area of hotels minimizing walking to about 20 minutes, but with a number of the suggested sessions being subject to change, I can’t guarantee you won’t have to adjust. There are some sneaky ones in there that were too good to resist, so you might be on the shuttle at some point in time.

Before we get into the agenda, another note—re:Invent is also about meeting people, making friends in this vast and fast growing world of technologists, and learning from their experiences. Attend the lunches. Sit at a table next to people you don’t know and chat. Everybody is pretty much on the same journey as you, and will have something to share that you didn’t know.

You can also check out this short video I put together, where I discuss tips & tricks for getting the most out of your re:Invent week.




  • SRV305 - Inside AWS: Technology Choices for Modern Applications
    The paradox of a choice is a real and overwhelming experience, especially when it comes to choosing your AWS services. Get some insights from developers at AWS to help make the decision easier.
  • IOT302 - Alexa and AWS IoT
    This advanced session dives deep into how you can develop Alexa as an IoT platform. Though it may not be directly connected to your business, Alexa is the benchmark for all things IoT and can be a great starting point of IoT innovation.
  • IOT202 - The Anatomy of a Successful IoT Project
    Starting an IoT project means encountering a large number of challenges. Thankfully a number of people have been there before. Learn valuable solutions to common IoT project problems and kickstart your own project.



A couple other things to consider:

  • All sessions are recorded, so if you miss one, don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • If there is a session you absolutely want to see, October 11 is THE day the reservations go live. Make sure you’re on it.
  • The keynotes are great if you’ve not been to one before. There are many viewing areas so you don’t need to go to the big hall to see it live. It is fun to watch it with other people though, as everyone geeks out on the new services and announcements.
  • Make sure you have reservations wherever you go. Everything is packed!
  • If it is your first time, pay attention to the guides. They have some very good tips.