Lynn Langit
Orange County, USA

Have you been managing and monitoring on-premises networks, services and databases for years, but are new to working with the public cloud? Everyone starts working in the cloud at some point, and if you want to translate your current skills into AWS cloud service network, database and security administration skills, then this guide is for you.

Tips: Try out one or more workshops to get hands-on experience. Also be sure to include learning about cloud security along with other topics.


  • ARC212 - Trends in Digital Transformation
    Adrian Cockcroft, AWS VP, has a unique perspective on the industry due to his experience at AWS and also previously working with teams to build cloud-native systems, including at Netflix. Adrian elegantly provides a practical path of how you can take your organization into a cloud-native world.
  • ARC204-R - Incorporating the AWS Well-Architected Framework into Your Architecture
    The AWS Well-Architected Framework is a set of blueprints of cloud application best practices. Security is one of the five pillars of this framework. This highly interactive chalk talk will help illustrate how you apply the framework in your daily work with the AWS Cloud. Read the initial whitepaper before you go to get a perspective on these guidelines.
  • ANT321 - Tiered Data Sets in Amazon Redshift
    Redshift is the flexible AWS Data Warehouse that so many of my customers’ use. Learn about storage options, which now include S3 – you can store large amounts of data cost-effectively with this capability. It’s important to understand when and how to use which type of storage for Redshift.
  • ANT327 - Best Practices to Secure Data Lake on AWS
    Data Lakes are all the rage, but how do you actually implement one on AWS? I find that understanding security patterns on S3 is a key component to successfully implementing a Data Lake.
  • NET201 - Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity Options
    Configuring Amazon VPCs is critical for application reliability. You’ll find that your on-premises network admin skills will transfer quickly here – you’ll learn how to configure your IP space, subnets, routes, security group, NAT and more. You’ll also learn about Direct Connect for dedicated connectivity.
  • Stop by the Welcome Reception in The Venetian
  • Watch "Monday Night Live" from 7:30–9PM in The Venetian


  • Run the 4K or 8K race…or consider donating to Girls Who Code (proceeds from the run support it).
  • ARC203 - Leverage AWS Cost Management Tooling for Cost & Usage Optimization
    Capex becomes Opex when you move to the cloud. You’ll be valuable to your organization if you learn how to use the AWS tools (such as AWS Budgets and Cost Explorer) to control service costs. You’ll also see how to use query and visualization tools so that you can communicate costs to other teams in your organization.
  • CON203-R1 - From the Data Center to the Cloud with Containers
    Are Docker containers for you? Here you’ll learn the why/how/when/where of ‘containerizing’ your current applications so that they can be hosted more efficiently on the AWS cloud. You’ll see patterns and tools for building, deploying and running container clusters.
  • ENT208-R - Leveraging the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to Build Your Cloud Action Plan
    AWS has so many services – where do you start? Many applications follow common patterns (web sites, data warehouses, etc..) and AWS has guidance. The ‘Cloud Application Framework’ is a collection of lessons learned from actual AWS customers, so you can learn and leverage this information as you plan your cloud migrations.
  • Enjoy the Pub Crawl in any number of the great locations!




  • ENT312-R1 - Well Operated: A Day in the Life of a Cloud Ops Engineer
    Listen as two AWS expert walk you through their day-to-day. You'll understand how they use various techniques to accomplish their goals and they solve real-life problems in the complex environments. This talk will really help put everything you've learned over the week into perspective.
  • STG203-R1 - Best Practices for Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier
    S3 seems so simple (it’s in the name!), but I find it’s one of the most misunderstood services. Learn best practices for Amazon S3 performance optimization, security, data protection, storage management, and much more.

Enjoy learning how your on-premises skills transfer to the AWS cloud. As a Cloud Architect and Developer (and a former DBA), I'm excited by the possibilities presented by the AWS Cloud. Learning how your skills transfer is key to success in the cloud.

For a comprehensive guide to the rest of the conference, check out AWS Community Hero Mark Nunnikhoven’s post “The Ultimate Guide to AWS re:Invent 2018”. Also I’ll be live tweeting during the conference - where I’m @lynnlangit.