Drew Firment
Managing Partner at A Cloud Guru
Richmond, USA

New to AWS? Make sure to attend these re:Invent sessions to learn about the foundational building blocks and core AWS services to get started.


  • NET201 - Your Virtual Data Center: VPC Fundamentals and Connectivity Options
    In this session, we walk through the fundamentals of Amazon VPC. This mid-level architecture discussion is aimed at architects, network administrators, and technology decision makers interested in understanding the building blocks that AWS makes available with Amazon VPC.
  • CMP208 - Amazon EC2 Foundations
    Amazon EC2 provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud and makes web-scale. This session covers the latest Amazon EC2 features and capabilities, including new instance families available in Amazon EC2, the differences among their hardware types and capabilities, and their optimal use cases.


  • DAT205 - Databases on AWS: The Right Tool for the Right Job
    Learn why you should select different database services to solve different aspects of an application, and watch a demonstration in which application use cases lend themselves well to specific data services.
  • ARC217 - Foundations of AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure
    In this session, learn how AWS is continuously enhancing and expanding the AWS global infrastructure through more Regions and Availability Zones, custom hardware, purpose-built global network backbone, and innovative energy management systems to deliver to our customers lower latency, greater reliability, greater scalability, and operational efficiencies.



  • ARC209 - Architecture Patterns for Multi-Region Active-Active Applications
    Do you need your applications to extend across multiple regions? Whether for disaster recovery, data sovereignty, data locality, or extremely high availability, many AWS customers choose to deploy services across regions. Join us as we explore how to design and succeed with active-active multi-region architectures.
  • ENT314 - The Future of Enterprise Applications is Serverless
    What is serverless, and what are the key trends you should be aware of? Where does one start on the journey of building serverless applications? We cover all of this and more in this session.
  • ARC305 - Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices
    This session describes reusable serverless patterns while considering costs. For each pattern, we provide operational and security best practices and discuss potential pitfalls and nuances. We also discuss the considerations for moving an existing server-based workload to a serverless architecture. This session can help you recognize candidates for serverless architectures in your own organizations and understand areas of potential savings and increased agility.


  • STG209 - Amazon S3 Storage Management
    Amazon S3 offers the most flexible management and administration capabilities to classify, report, and visualize your data usage trends so that you can make informed decisions to optimize performance and cost. You will also learn how to use the latest Amazon S3 features in a controlled setting with members from our Amazon S3 team.
  • STG205 - Migrating Data to the Cloud: Exploring Your Options from AWS
    AWS offers a variety of data migration services and tools to help you easily and rapidly move everything from gigabytes to petabytes of data using your networks, our networks, the mail, or even a tractor trailer. Learn about the available data migration options, including the AWS Snowball family, AWS Storage Gateway, Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, and other approaches

These sessions will provide you with a great foundation for getting started with AWS. Be sure to take advantage of the social networking events to connect directly with community, and bring your laptop so you can further explore AWS services with hands-on workshops. Keep being awesome cloud gurus!