Boyan Dimitrov
Platform Engineering Director at Sixt
Munich, Germany

This guide is for re:Invent attendees who are either preparing for or already on the way of their enterprise cloud journey. It focuses on sessions which explore the main challenges and milestones of complex digital transformations and provides key takeaways. It features high level architecture topics for large scale migration and specifically focuses on areas such as analytics, governance, and security which are foundational for building a modern enterprise. This guide also includes relevant success stories which can serve as examples and inspiration.


  • DVC302 - ProTips for Scaling AWS Training to Accelerate Adoption
    Digital transformation requires experienced engineers to drive execution which are rare to find and hard to train if you don’t have the right strategy. In this talk the AWS Community Hero, Drew Firment, will share his experience about implementing a cloud educational framework at Capital One which accelerated cloud adoption across the organisation.
  • GPSCT303 - Blockchain Architecture Design Patterns
    This chalk talk goes deep into the architecture and design considerations of implementing a blockchain solution based on top protocols such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Corda.
  • AMT305 - Building BMW Group's Customer Engagement Platform on AWS
    BMW will be sharing some great insights about the impressive transformation of their customer engagement platform using a combination of microservices, AWS managed services and chaos engineering.


  • ENT204-R1 - Iterating Towards a Cloud-Enabled IT Organization
    Interesting chalk talk introducing the foundations of setting up an organisation for collaboration and delivery using the Amazonian model. Valuable insights for the successful preparation before embarking on a cloud journey.
  • SEC349-R - Governance at Scale
    This session goes into important details about designing and implementing AWS governance at enterprise scale and addresses key points such as account provisioning, security, users, workloads and budget management.
  • ARC407 - A Chronicle of Airbnb Architecture Evolution
    This session follows the rapid and exciting evolution of the Airbnb platform from its inception through the impressive organisational and business growth. Given the success of the product and the company, the key learnings here should be applicable to many businesses in growth / transformation phase.
  • DAT346 - How Migrates Inventory Management Systems
    This is bound to be an interesting Chalk Talk on a large-scale migration from Oracle to Aurora. Key takeaways include the decision-making framework behind the project and the best practices around managing and executing such an undertaking.



  • AMT304 - Building Volkswagen Group's Digital Ecosystem
    Another really insightful session about the successful execution of a large enterprise transformation. Volkswagen Group will be sharing their experience of driving technology and organisational change while migrating their vehicle connectivity backend to the AWS cloud.
  • FSV302 - Transforming Consumer Banking with a 100% Cloud-based Bank
    Hear the story of Starling bank - a UK-based challenger bank which is built entirely on AWS. Valuable insights about the pace of innovation when building technology and business in a heavily regulated market with cloud first approach.


If you are a re:Invent newbie, I highly recommend you to plan and organize your agenda well in terms of travel time and locations. If possible, avoid travelling between too many venues in a day as it takes too long. Always check if the sessions you are interested in are not repeated or broadcasted somewhere close by so that you can tailor your agenda in the best possible way.

I am looking forward seeing you all at re:Invent and will be happy to connect. Feel free to DM me for a chat and/or beer.