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I’m Rob Koch, database fanatic and founder of “Deaf in the Cloud.” As an AWS data hero, I want to help you navigate around the plethora of educational offerings and playtimes that re:Invent has for you as a database person. If you haven’t been to re:Invent before, know that you will learn about what it means to be serverless, about current and future industry trends, and maybe even about what you are missing out on with your current platform and architecture.

My first piece of advice is to sign up for the extracurricular activities around re:Invent, including parties, hackathons, and more. These are great opportunities for you to network with others (including experts) and to take time to process what you learned throughout the day. Remember, sessions can change due to keynote announcements, you may not be able to get into all the sessions that you want, and your own whims may shift your schedule! The parties and events don’t change, so book ’em now.

Recommended Sessions

Data modeling with Amazon DynamoDB in 60 minutes ›

Builders Session: Alex DeBrie
Learn the ins and outs of modeling your Amazon DynamoDB database and why it might be wise to use that modeling—plus, interact with another AWS data hero!


Automation framework to migrate relational databases ›

Chalk Talk: Nagmesh Kumar
This is great way to explore how to get your on-premises databases to and within the AWS database environment using AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS). This talk shows you how to go from Oracle to Amazon RDS PostgreSQL.


Build high-performing apps on Amazon Aurora Serverless with RDS Data API ›

Chalk Talk: Aravind Ramarthinam, Sachin Honnudike
Hear an overview of Amazon RDS Data API, and learn how to create a microservice with Data API, Amazon Aurora Serverless, and AWS Lambda. This is the next hot thing: using your database with the API while saving a bunch of money for not-always-on databases, perhaps for your dev environment that’s only used once in a blue moon, maybe for backing a service that runs only in the mornings, or maybe for sporadic traffic.

Build on Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB
Build on Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
Build on Amazon RDS for Oracle
Build on Amazon RDS for SQL Server

Builders Sessions: Various facilitators
There’s a bunch of “Build on Amazon RDS…” sessions that cater to database developers’ interests, including sessions for SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL and MariaDB. Take your pick!


Scale fearlessly with Amazon DynamoDB adaptive capacity ›

Session: Kai Zhao
For those of you who might be coming from a relational database world, are wondering how Amazon DynamoDB handles traffic within the read and write capacities, and are working around it, this is the session for you.


Data security best practices on Amazon DynamoDB ›

Chalk Talk: Padmavathy Malligarjunan
Are you worried about how secure your Amazon DynamoDB database will be? Are you worried about whether the data is encrypted and how you can bring back talking points to the cloud skeptics that you may have in your company? Security is very important, especially in the cloud. The session talks about how to best secure your database.


Implement microservice architectures with Amazon DynamoDB & AWS Lambda ›

Chalk Talk: Edin Zulich
In this session, you learn about event delivery using microservices with Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda and about differences between event-driven designs and request/response. With microservices taking over the development world, this session only reinforces that paradigm. This is a very informative talk that will help you jump into the fray with making your application scalable and easier to update, while leveraging consistent security practices.


Real case on boosting performance with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis ›

Chalk Talk: Shawn Wang, Madelyn Olson
I know that some of you think Amazon ElastiCache is a not a bona fide database. Well, come to this hands-on introduction to see how ElastiCache can outperform the databases you know and love (of course it has caveats!). Learn how to best use ElastiCache engines to optimize the performance of your applications.


Amazon DocumentDB deep dive ›

Session: Maruthi Devarenti, Bill Baldwin, Joseph Idziorek
An Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) must-see session. This session helps walk you through Amazon DocumentDB and how it compares to an on-premises MongoDB database. Psst! Joe Idziorek is the creator of Amazon DocumentDB. It’s an Amazon DocumentDB versus MongoDB showdown! Because it’s an AWS conference, we know that Amazon DocumentDB wins, but just wait…


I hope you enjoyed reading through my recommendations of database-related sessions. I might show up at one or more of them and bump into you. You can’t miss me; I’m Deaf and will usually have a sign language interpreter or two with me to make it easy to discuss politics—err, databases. If you do find me at sessions, in the halls, in the dining room, or at a party, come up and say hi! Now go and have a GREAT time at re:Invent!

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