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AWS DeepRacer is a fully autonomous 1/18th-scale race car driven by reinforcement learning (RL). Since its unveiling at last year’s re:Invent, AWS DeepRacer has spawned an incredible global racing league that anyone can join and participate in. (You get to feel like Lewis Hamilton every day!) Join me in learning more about AWS DeepRacer, RL, and the racing league. See you on the track!

Recommended Sessions

AWS DeepRacer 101


Get started with AWS DeepRacer ›

This hands-on, practical workshop will immerse you in the AWS DeepRacer world straightaway. No prior machine learning (ML) experience is needed, and helpful AWS staff will be there to guide you. You’ll be able to enter a racing competition and test your learning models at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Note: There are nine repeats of this workshop, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to jump in and learn all that you need to know.


How to build a car that does an 8.64-second lap with AWS DeepRacer ›

An 8.64-second lap time is seriously impressive. Join this chalk talk to learn how to build an awesome RL algorithm and really make your car fly. A real AWS Summit Circuit race winner will share their secrets, so don’t miss out (I’ll be there learning, for sure).

More on machine learning


How to successfully become a machine learning developer ›

So, you enjoyed learning about machine learning and reinforcement learning? Now, take a bit of a break and join this chalk talk to learn how to become a machine learning developer. You’ll find out how to get started building, training, and deploying ML models.


Land a rocket (and a good game) with reinforcement learning ›

Suddenly, reinforcement learning is all the rage. This session goes beyond AWS DeepRacer to teach you how reinforcement learning can be used to create compelling games and artificial-intelligence (AI) opponents with Amazon SageMaker.

Advanced Racing


Under the hood of AWS DeepRacer: Advanced RL driving course ›

Now that you understand what AWS DeepRacer is all about, it’s time to go to the next level. Join Sunil and Sahika in this workshop to understand more complex RL concepts, and dive deep into the technology under the hood that powers the AWS DeepRacer cars. You may walk away a changed person.


Autonomous driving, reinforcement learning & AWS RoboMaker ›

In this chalk talk, you’ll get to learn more about AWS RoboMaker and how to use it to improve autonomous driving. This is an interesting and useful expert-level session. Prepare to get inspired.

Let’s create the future


Reinforcement learning: Using AI/ML to boost your software development on AWS ›

Join this Global Partner Summit chalk talk (open to anyone) to find out how reinforcement learning can help developers. Using RL techniques, you can build an AI-based code-review system that provides feedback to developers based on historical reviews or pattern matching against known vulnerabilities. It’s fascinating stuff that shows how you can use reinforcement learning in different ways.


Have a wonderful re:Invent week. If you want to connect, follow me on Twitter ›, and if you have any questions, send them my way. Happy learning and racing!

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