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My love for startups began eight years ago in New York City. A few companies and a whole other country later, I still love ’em. The fast pace of constantly iterating, building, and shipping products that customers love keeps me coming back for more. If you’ve ever felt like this, then this guide is for you.

Recommended Sessions

The modern startup: A look at today’s most successful architectures ›

If you work at a startup, this one is a no-brainer! Mackenzie Kosut analyzes modern cloud architectures from successful startups and explains why you should consider them. This session is valuable for learning how to adopt early, iterate quickly, and develop that competitive edge to disrupt your space.


Innovation at speed ›

To win, you need more than just the right technology. Adrian Cockcroft explores how the right culture, mindset, and agile processes help us move fast and innovate effectively. This is a session that I’m personally excited about and expect valuable insights from. And it’s delivered by one of the industry’s top experts, no less.


Scaling up to your first 10 million users ›

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the vast number of AWS Cloud services and wondered how to scale them properly, start here. This session provides an actionable road map that will set you on the path to successfully scaling your applications with the success of your startup.


How to build a company founded on engineering principles ›

I personally credit engineering principles with the ability to move fast and ship great products. Why? Because engineering principles simplify the decision-making process and align your organization. Learn about Intercom’s journey with engineering principles and AWS, and apply their learnings to your startup or let them inspire you.


Serverless architectural patterns and best practices ›

Your startup is using serverless? Don’t miss this! Heitor Lessa is “the man” when it comes to serverless architecture, and I always manage to learn a few things from his lively talks. Best practices ahead!


Performing chaos engineering in a serverless world ›

Join Gunnar Grosch as he releases chaos—in a good way—into your serverless functions and managed services. This fascinating talk emphasizes how you can make your modern cloud applications more reliable through chaos engineering. Monkeys!


AWS Step Functions: From zero to hero ›

The recently improved AWS Step Functions service is a fantastic tool to use for building workflow-based applications faster than ever before. I’ll be paying close attention as Diego Magalhaes shows us the ins and outs and how easy it is to use the service. Save me a seat in the audience!


Data lakes and data integration with AWS Lake Formation ›

For many startups, data is their most valuable asset. Data lakes help to democratize that data within your organization for analysis. The only thing is, it’s complicated. AWS Lake Formation is the sweet spot where you can get the benefits without having to build it yourself. I call this a win!


Building your first blockchain application with Managed Blockchain ›

Blockchain has the potential to disrupt our society, and it’s all the rage. In this workshop, you not only learn how to build a blockchain application from scratch, but you also gain in-depth technology insights. VCs might just become your next BFF.


Building modern APIs with GraphQL ›

GraphQL has the power to drastically reduce your API complexity. Robert Zhu shows you how to build modern mobile and web applications using the open-source API query language to give you speed and fast-track your API development. Yay!


Amazon SageMaker deep dive: A modular solution for machine learning ›

Machine learning has never been more accessible to startups, and Amazon SageMaker makes it easier than ever to get started. This deep dive session teaches you everything you need to know to build, train, and deploy machine learning models—no PhD required!


We Power Tech: Bias in AI/ML ›

Inclusion and diversity aren’t just buzzwords, they’re essential to the sustained success of your startup. Join this powerful session to raise your awareness, unpack the true meaning of inclusion and diversity, and take this understanding back home with you.


Build your own Raspberry Pi Alexa device, now with visuals ›

Startups can be stressful, and it can be easy to forget to also have a little fun. This playful workshop was a favorite of mine from a couple of years ago, and I’m happy to see its return to the program. Go tinker, play, and have fun building!

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