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This guide is for AWS practitioners who want to learn about data and analytics tools and services, build new skills, and hear how other customers are successfully leveraging these services. With data and analytics at AWS, you can find tons of services, documentation, and—most importantly (at least for me)—solutions. As we know, there is no silver bullet, but there are a few paths to achieving well-governed data.

While flying aircrafts, pilots rely on checklists. So during this trip to the data and analytics world, you're the captain, and this is a checklist that will help you.

Recommended Sessions

Leadership session: Trends with data lakes and analytics ›

During this talk, Andi Gutmans (VP of analytics at AWS) and Rahul Pathak (AWS GM, databases, analytics, and blockchain) show you some trends and how they shape the AWS analytics services. This is a good starting point to get a better understanding about the AWS analytics portfolio.

Bringing Your Data

You might have some data stored outside AWS, so check out these talks about migration.


Getting started with AWS DataSync ›

AWS DataSync is a good starting point for moving data. It can automate and accelerate data transfer. But enough spoilers for this product—jump in and start moving your data.


How to move 700 TB over the wire to AWS with AWS DataSync ›

Now that you have a good understanding of the service, how about you check out how Autodesk migrated 700 TB? I'll say that again—SEVEN HUNDRED TERABYTES.


Get your hands on a Snowball (Edge) ›

Don't have enough bandwidth? No problem! AWS Snow is a family of secure physical data transfer devices. AWS Snowball Edge can move 100 TB, has features like Amazon S3 endpoints, and you can run Amazon EC2 and AWS Lambda on it. I can see endless possibilities here!


Best practices in migrating from on-premises data warehouses to Amazon Redshift ›

AWS Data Migration Service and AWS Schema Conversion Tool can help you move your legacy data warehouse to the cloud. If you're moving from Oracle, check out this talk. Both speakers are solutions architects, which means they've done this tons of times. Attending this session is like having experience be compressed and then delivered directly to your brain.

Storing Your Data

There are loads of options for storing your data. Let's take a look at some of them.


Best practices: Amazon Elasticsearch Service ›

Best practice sessions are an amazing way to get started on a service. It saves you tons of time and guides you in the right direction. If you're new to Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES), this one is a must-see. You'll find information about planning and sizing your domain, monitoring, improving performance, and… I'll stop there, since I'm a big fan of Amazon ES and could fill up this entire guide just chatting about it.


State-of-the-art cloud data warehousing ›

It doesn't matter which list of items you use to define state-of-the-art—I'd bet that performance and cost are both included. This session features a customer use case. I really enjoy seeing case studies about how companies are dealing with state-of-the-art data storage.


What’s new with Amazon Redshift ›

The AWS pace of innovation is impressive. Join this session to get an idea of the evolution of Amazon Redshift. Also, keep up-to-date with the new features, and maybe get some spoilers about future plans.


Data lakes and data integration with AWS Lake Formation ›

Check out how AWS Lake Formation and AWS Glue can help you with ingestion, transformation, security, encryption, and so on. This is a really cool talk for AWS Lake Formation starters.

Transform the Data

Now we have our data, so let's play with it.


Building workflows on AWS Lake Formation & AWS Glue ›

This session is a workshop, so bring your laptop and get some hands-on experience with AWS Glue.


Serverless ETL with Apache Spark and Python in AWS Glue ›

This is another workshop, but it goes a bit deeper, providing you hands-on experience with Python and Apache Spark.


Preparing data for reporting, ML, and AI on AWS ›

Give your laptop a rest while David (product director at Matillion, an APN Partner) teaches you about data preparation for different outputs.


Deep dive into running Apache Spark on Amazon EMR ›

We’re getting a bit more advanced now. Find out how to get more performance at a better cost. You also learn more about design patterns, security, and access control on Amazon EMR usage. That's a lot of information, so be sure to take a break and get some coffee or tea after this one.

Query the Data

Your data is stored and transformed, so now let's access it as fast as possible.


Build a single query to analyze data across Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 ›

This is really cool. At this point, you might have your data lake stored in Amazon S3 and your data warehouse in Amazon Redshift. This session shows you how to query the date from one single point. Something like: One query to rule them all.


Deep dive into Amazon Athena ›

Find another way to query your data. Amazon Athena is a service that helps you query your Amazon S3 data using standard SQL. Also, it's serverless and you pay for only the queries. And, it's fast.


Zero to hero: Quick starts with Amazon Redshift ›

Workshops: the more, the better. Learn best practices by doing them.

Present the Data

It's showtime.


Have your front end and monitor it too ›

Kibana is a data visualization plugin for Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Kevin Fallis (solutions architect) talks about Kibana visualization for logs. It's for sure useful for any other data as well.


Build great Kibana visualizations ›

Come learn more about Kibana. Now you know that it can be used for reports, real-time dashboards, and more. Check out this session—it covers some new features like Vega.


Enhancing your applications with Amazon QuickSight dashboards ›

Amazon Quicksight is a cloud-powered BI service. In this workshop, you learn how to bring its visualization and analytics capabilities into your application.

Final Thoughts
Important: Save some time for the sessions that are not yet available. AWS will launch outstanding new features, and some new sessions will be available after that.
• Don't forget the Expo Hall, where you can find amazing partners.
• If you have any agenda conflicts, check out the one that you have questions about, as you can chat directly with the AWS subject matter expert. Also, most of the sessions will be available later on YouTube.
• Get certified!

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