Bootcamps » Migrate from that expensive database to Amazon Aurora!


This half-day, intermediate-level bootcamp gives attendees an overview of how to migrate database workloads from Oracle to Aurora using AWS SCT (Schema Conversion Tool) and AWS DMS (Database Migration Service). It discusses migrating complex functions, schemes, and ETL (Extract Transform Load) workloads to AWS. The bootcamp explains the common database workloads that use Oracle and analyzes the requirements for moving that workload to AWS, using best practices. The bootcamp also covers migrating ETL workloads to AWS Glue (A fully managed ETL service).


This bootcamp teaches you how to:

  • Use AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Database Migration Service Schema Conversion Tool, Amazon Aurora and AWS Glue.
  • Explain and demonstrate how to migrate from an on-premises Oracle database to Amazon Aurora.
  • Utilize best practices when planning for and migrating from on-premises Oracle to Amazon Aurora.
  • Migrate data from an Oracle database to Amazon Aurora via a hands-on lab.

Intended Audience

This bootcamp is intended for:

  • Solutions architects
  • Database administrators
  • Developers
  • Systems integrators


We recommend that attendees of this bootcamp have the following prerequisites:

  • Good working knowledge of AWS core services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Basic understanding of relational databases

Delivery Method

This bootcamp is delivered through a mix of:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Hands-On Labs


Note: A laptop is required in order to complete technical lab exercises; tablets are not appropriate.


Half day


This bootcamp covers the following concepts:

  • Overview of AWS Database Migration Services
  • Migrating data to Amazon Aurora from an Oracle database
  • Moving from an in-house ETL solution to AWS Glue
  • Configuring AWS Glue to be used with Aurora
  • Best practices for migration and ongoing operations