This half-day, introductory-level (non-technical) bootcamp is designed for business professionals at AWS Partner Network (APN) consulting partner organizations who are focused on selling SAP on AWS. The session focuses on establishing knowledge to effectively engage with customers in positioning AWS for their SAP workloads. You will learn how to identify an SAP opportunity, explain the services offered by AWS for SAP, articulate the benefits of running SAP on AWS, and work with customers to position AWS for their SAP workloads. Customer engagement models, sales plays, and case studies are used in the session to enhance your learning experience. This is NOT a technical bootcamp.


This bootcamp teaches you how to:

  • Engage with customers in identifying SAP opportunities.
  • Discuss the common SAP workloads that customers run on AWS.
  • Explain AWS offerings for running SAP workloads.
  • Position AWS to customers for running SAP workloads.
  • Articulate the benefits of using AWS for running SAP workloads.

Intended Audience

This bootcamp is intended for:

  • Business and sales professionals at APN Consulting Partner organizations

Note: This is NOT a technical bootcamp.


We recommend that attendees of the bootcamp have the following prerequisites:

  • Accreditations achieved: AWS Business Professional, AWS TCO and Cloud Economics
  • Attended AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Foundations
  • Familiarity with SAP solutions

Delivery Method

This bootcamp is delivered through a mix of:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Group discussions


Note: There are no technical lab exercises in this bootcamp; however, a laptop is required to access course materials.


Half day


This bootcamp covers the following concepts:

  • Why customers run SAP on AWS
  • What common SAP workloads running on AWS
  • AWS offerings for SAP
  • How to identify SAP opportunities and engage with customers to position AWS