To view the sessions scheduled for 2018, visit the 2018 session catalog.

At re:Invent 2018, you can expect deeper technical content, more hands-on learning opportunities, and more access to AWS experts than ever. The return of our two-hour workshops and our hackathon program means that you can dive into solving challenges and working on a team. The chalk talks and builders sessions give you the opportunity to interact in a small group setting with AWS experts as they whiteboard through problems and solutions. We have many more opportunities this year for you to interact, build, and learn, so you can get the most out of re:Invent.

Repeat Sessions, Overflow Sessions, and Late Night Sessions

This year, we will be repeating our most popular sessions in every venue all across the campus, giving you the opportunity to attend the sessions that are most important to you. In addition, topics are no longer organized by venue, and you will find all types of breakout content in all five venues: ARIA, Bellagio, MGM, Mirage, and The Venetian. The most popular sessions will be repeated in every venue regardless of topic, giving you more flexibility to plan your daily schedule.

We are also expanding our session overflow program. All of the most popular sessions will be shown in overflow rooms both in the venue where they take place and in other venues across the re:Invent campus. These overflow sessions will be available early, so you can plan your day accordingly.

We will also offer late night sessions, chalk talks, and workshops, so you can maximize the breakout sessions you attend. For your convenience, these late night sessions will be offered across all topics in select venues of the re:Invent campus.


Each year at re:Invent, we bring you over a thousand sessions, chalk talks, workshops, builders sessions, and hackathons that cover AWS core topics and embrace the emerging technologies we are developing. re:Invent 2018 will be no different. You will find sessions that cover topics that you have seen in past years: databases, analytics & big data, security & compliance, enterprise, machine learning, and compute, to name a few. This year, you will be able to cross-search these topics in the session catalog, so you can really drill down and find the sessions most pertinent to you.

Breakout Content Levels


These sessions provide an overview of AWS services and features, and they assume that attendees are new to the topic. These sessions highlight basic use cases, features, functions, and benefits.


These sessions dive deeper into the topic. Presenters assume the audience has some familiarity with the topic but may or may not have direct experience implementing a similar solution. Code may be shared, but it will not be the primary focus of the session.

EXPERT (400)

These sessions are for attendees who are deeply familiar with the topic, have implemented a solution on their own already, and are comfortable with how the technology works across multiple services, architectures, and implementations. Presenters will dive into code, cover advanced tricks, and explore future developments in the technology.