Marcia Villalba
Senior Full-Stack Developer at Rovio
Helsinki, Finland

I believe that tech communities can be welcoming places for everybody, regardless of what you look like, your background, or your beliefs. The idea behind this guide is to provide a curated list of interesting re:Invent talks given by women, so we can all gain experiences learning from diverse speakers at computer science conferences. By seeing women speak and being there in the field we can begin to shift the stereotypes of what a “developer,” “architect,” or “CTO” looks like. The activities in this guide are not meant to be consumed one behind the other, it is just a list of talks that I am interested in where women are one of the presenters!

Talks about diversity and inclusion

  • DVC201 - Making AWS User Communities More Inclusive
    In this talk, Niv Yungelson, who co-leads the Israel AWS User Group, discusses the value of participating in mixed-gender Meetups or User Groups. She’ll also share insights from AWS user communities worldwide who are taking steps to become more diverse, and explain the steps she takes to help make AWS community in Israel more inclusive.
  • WPT201 - We Power Tech: Lightning Talks with Executive Women in Tech
    This panel of successful executive technical leaders will explore their journeys through the industry and discuss how we can prioritize the inclusion of women from all communities (race, gender identity, ability status, and other underrepresented and intersectional communities) on technical teams.
  • WPT202 - We Power Tech: Everyday Actions to Be a Better Ally
    Have you ever thought, "I care about a more diverse and inclusive workplace, but what can I do?” If so, you’re not alone. Knowing how to be a better ally for underrepresented people working in tech is unfamiliar territory for many of us. Come to this session where Karen Catlin discusses key challenges women and underrepresented minorities face in our tech workplaces and ways you can make a difference.
  • WPT203 - We Power Tech: Addressing Intersectionality in Tech
    When diversity efforts focus only on gender, they further marginalize the marginalized. Join this session where Kesha Williams and Brandon Marin discuss how to make sure we address the needs of everyone that is underrepresented in the industry, and what can we do to provide a platform for those voices to be heard and support their efforts.

Technical talks by women

I hope that after attending some of these talks you feel inspired, and also understand that in computer science and technology, everyone is welcome and anyone can have a chance to have a great career!