The AWS Heroes are a worldwide group of AWS enthusiasts and community leaders who are passionate about sharing AWS knowledge with others.

These re:Invent guides are authored by Heroes, many of whom have attended multiple re:Invents, and are curated lists of recommended activities based on a specific demographic or technical discipline. They are designed to help guide re:Invent attendees as they work to build their schedule and sort through the many sessions and activities.

re:Invent Guide: The Enterprise Cloud Experience

Boyan Dimitrov
Platform Engineering Director at Sixt
Munich, Germany

This guide is for re:Invent attendees who are either preparing for or already on the way of their enterprise cloud journey. It focuses on sessions which explore the main challenges and milestones of complex digital transformations and provides key takeaways. It features high level architecture topics for large scale migration and specifically focuses on areas such as analytics, governance, and security which are foundational for building a modern enterprise. This guide also includes relevant success stories which can serve as examples and inspiration.

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re:Invent Guide: DevOps

Francisco Edilton
DevOps Engineer at Trimble
Dublin, Ireland

This guide is for AWS practitioners who are looking to build skills to optimize their DevOps strategy by exploring secure, cost effective CI/CD and container-based solutions.

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re:Invent Guide: Newbie Guide to AWS

Drew Firment
Managing Partner at A Cloud Guru
Richmond, USA

New to AWS? Make sure to attend these re:Invent sessions to learn about the foundational building blocks and core AWS services to get started!

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re:Invent Guide: Advanced Serverless

Eric Hammond
Internet Startup Technologist
Los Angeles, USA

This guide is for re:Invent attendees who have already started using AWS serverless technologies and methodologies and want to move to the next level. Select from the following session suggestions to get up to speed with the latest news and advances, sharpen your knowledge and skills, and add to your serverless toolbox.

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re:Invent Guides: Career Changers and Machine Learning

Lynn Langit
Orange County, USA

Have you been managing and monitoring on-premises networks, services and databases for years, but are new to working with the public cloud? Everyone starts working in the cloud at some point, and if you want to translate your current skills into AWS cloud service network, database and security administration skills, then this guide is for you.

Tips: Try out one or more workshops to get hands-on experience. Also be sure to include learning about cloud security along with other topics.

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Machine Learning is becoming increasingly pervasive and AWS has a plethora of services from which to choose. This guide provides a comprehensive view of ML services, including newly released ML APIs, and by attending a selection of these events, you’ll learn how to start to use machine learning in the AWS Cloud. This guide is designed for developers who are looking to build applications which use AWS machine learning services, you’ll notice that I’ve included a number of sessions which focus on SageMaker – it’s a key new service to master in this area.

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re:Invent Guide: for Executives

Jarrod Levitan
Chief Growth Officer at Onica
Vancouver, Canada

Here’s an agenda I’ve put together including great sessions focused on the technologies that everyone is talking about: IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Serverless, mixed up with a little DevOps, and all with an Enterprise flavour. This agenda is designed to keep you mostly in an area of hotels minimizing walking to about 20 minutes, but with a number of the suggested sessions being subject to change, I can’t guarantee you won’t have to adjust. There are some sneaky ones in there that were too good to resist, so you might be on the shuttle at some point in time.

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re:Invent Guide: Containers

Tung Nguyen
Founder at BoltOps
San Francisco, USA

This guide is for attendees looking for sessions focused on containers at AWS re:Invent 2018. It tries to group the sessions in the same hotel for the same day to minimize travel time. It also tries to choose different hotels on different days so you get a chance to explore and enjoy the different venues. Session locations can change though, so be sure to check the session catalog for the latest updates on their final location.

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re:Invent Guide: Security

Mark Nunnikhoven
Vice President of Cloud Research at Trend Micro
Ottawa, Canada

Security is often described as complicated, cumbersome, and a general pain in the you know what. Modern, pragmatic security is anything but!

This guide provides a well-rounded view at well-architected applications, critical security areas, and how to start to automate your security practice in the AWS Cloud.

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re:Invent Guides: Adopting Serverless and Women Who Inspire Us

Marcia Villalba
Senior Full-Stack Developer at Rovio
Helsinki, Finland

The Adopting Serverless guide is intended for re:Invent attendees who are getting started with serverless technologies, as well as companies who are exploring the idea of adopting serverless.

The sessions recommended in this guide showcase companies successfully using serverless technologies, review architecture patterns for building serverless architectures, and discuss foundational elements of databases and monitoring. I’ve also recommended a few hands-on workshops which will help you get started with serverless. If the talk name has an R in the name it means that it has a repeat so you can find it in other times as well.

Read the re:Invent Guide: Adopting Serverless.

I believe that tech communities can be welcoming places for everybody, regardless of what you look like, your background, or your beliefs. The idea behind this guide is to provide a curated list of interesting re:Invent talks given by women, so we can all gain experiences learning from diverse speakers at computer science conferences. By seeing women speak and being there in the field we can begin to shift the stereotypes of what a “developer,” “architect,” or “CTO” looks like. The activities in this guide are not meant to be consumed one behind the other, it is just a list of talks that I am interested in where women are one of the presenters!

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re:Invent Guide: AWS Academy Instructors and AWS Educate Educators

Cyrus Wong
Data Scientist at Hong Kong IVE
Hong Kong

This guide is for re:Invent attendees who are teaching AWS in educational institutions through AWS Educate or AWS Academy. The purpose of this guide is to update your basic AWS knowledge for your teaching on AWS, ultimately enabling you improve the educational offering you provide to your students. Also, those talks will cover the content of AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam which is relevant to share with your AWS Academy students.

Read the re:Invent Guide: AWS Academy Instructors and AWS Educate Educators.

Other re:Invent Guides

This guide was created not by AWS Heroes, but by AWS insiders and startup leaders.

re:Invent Guide: Startups

This guide is for all startups, and those who want to operate at the speed and scale of a world-class startup. Curated by AWS insiders and startup leaders, this guide outlines key sessions at re:Invent that founders won't want to miss. It also includes suggested game plans created by re:Invent startup alums, focused on specific use cases or service areas.