The Quad will host the Builders Fair, sponsor activations, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog Experience Hub, Startup Central, a content lounge to watch ’This Is My Architecture’ videos and overflow breakout content, and a hands on LEGO experience.


4PM–7PM (Welcome Reception)

Builders Fair

Come visit the Builders Fair where you can learn from AWS experts and customers and get hands-on experience, with over 70 projects throughout the week to browse. Learn how these projects were made, and walk away with the ability to implement them yourself. The projects cover topics across all AWS services. Best of all, you get the opportunity to talk to the experts who built these projects, diagram, and problem-solve with them.

Startup Central

Calling all startups, or anyone who wants to operate at the speed and scale of a world-class startup. Join us at Startup Central to hear technical talks by startup founders, sign up for the opportunity to connect with an AWS mentor, meet other startups during networking events, or schedule your technical team for office hours with AWS startup experts. And don’t forget to check out our curated guide to all things Startup at re:Invent.

AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog Experience Hub

Explore how Solutions in AWS Marketplace and AWS Service Catalog can help solve use cases related to DevSecOps (Tuesday), Migration (Wednesday), IoT (Thursday AM), and Machine Learning (Thursday PM).

AWS experts, software sellers with solutions in AWS Marketplace, and AWS consulting partners will be on site to demo solutions, answer your questions, and give bite sized talks on how to solve challenges related to our themes.

LEGO Great Ball Contraption Build

Be a part of one of the largest LEGO Great Ball Contraption (GBC) Builds ever done in Las Vegas. You will have the opportunity to build a LEGO GBC Module to add to the larger apparatus using over 40,000 LEGO Pieces. The goal is to create 50 working LEGO GBC builds and connect them together to transfer mini LEGO balls throughout the entire apparatus. You can either build one of the GBC designs based on specific directions or you can try to create your own module. We will have LEGO Model Builders on hand to assist in building.

LEGO Gravity Car Race Challenge

Here is your opportunity to test your skills as an engineer/designer and compete against your colleagues in a fun LEGO building challenge. You will have access to LEGO pieces to build vehicles to race on a 8-10 foot gravity track. Times will be tracked throughout the conference and prizes will be awarded for the fastest times of the day. Come see if you have what it takes to win or just come to have fun. We will have LEGO Model Builders on hand to help.

LEGO Build

Come see our LEGO Master build a 4 foot tall Frenchie dog, Luna. Over the course of the week, Luna will take shape and on Thursday afternoon, you’ll want to pet her and feed her treats. She will be the cutest dog you’ll see all week!