Workshops are two-hour, hands-on sessions where you work in teams to solve problems using AWS. Workshops organize attendees into small groups and provide scenarios to encourage interaction, giving you the opportunity to learn from and teach each other. Each workshop starts with a 10–15-minute lecture by the main speaker, and the rest of the time is spent working as a group. There are additional AWS experts in the room to make sure every group gets the assistance they need.

Come prepared with your laptop and willingness to learn! We will provide any AWS credits you may need.

Check out some of our most popular workshops from 2017 on SlideShare:

  • ABD321 Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow: How to Use Streaming Data to Gain Real-time Insights into Your Business
  • MCL212 NEW LAUNCH! AWS DeepLens workshop: Building Computer Vision Applications
  • SID331 Architecting Security and Governance Across a Multi-Account Strategy
  • SRV330 Serverless DevOps to the Rescue