Robocar Rally 2017

Get behind the keyboard at Robocar Rally 2017 for hands on experience with deep learning, autonomous cars, and Amazon AI and IoT services. At Robocar Rally 2017, you’ll learn the latest in autonomous car technology from industry leaders and join a pit crew to customize, train, and race your own 1/16th scale autonomous car. Follow along on the road to Robocar Rally 2017 with a series of Twitch streams and blog posts to accelerate your learning on how to build, deploy, and train your own 1/16th scale autonomous car.

Teams will be provided an autonomous 1/16th scale car to race in time trials on the re:Invent Circuit. However, you can also build and bring your own car for separate exhibition races.

To learn more about 1/16th scale autonomous vehicles, visit Donkey Car Donkey Car: an open source DIY self-driving platform for small scale cars.

Registration for Robocar Rally 2017 will launch on Oct. 19 as part of the Reserved Seating launch.


This hackathon teaches you how to:

  • Work and build using Amazon Artificial Intelligence services and deep learning frameworks.
  • Work and build using Amazon Internet of Things services.
  • Customize and train your own 1/16th scale autonomous car.


Intended Audience

This hackathon is intended for developers, hackers, solution architects, and others enthusiasts who are interested in AI, deep learning, IoT, and autonomous cars.



We recommend that attendees of this hackathon have the following prerequisites:

  • Good working knowledge of AWS Services
  • Intermediate knowledge of deep learning
  • Basic understanding of the AWS SDK



Two days
Sunday: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Monday: 7:00am – 12:00am