Hackathons and Jam Sessions are highly gamified events where participants complete tasks that challenge and educate on the use of a wide range of AWS services and have fun in the process.

Each event will provide fun, action-packed challenges that you tackle as part of a team formed before coming onsite or on the day by the event organizers. Score points to win some unique prizes! We will provide access to the required AWS infrastructure. Your task will be to find the best solution or answer while getting to learn and experiment with many AWS services and varied use cases.

You just need to bring your laptop. No specific domain knowledge required, but we recommend foundational knowledge of the AWS platform.

You can reserve a seat in our hacks and jams when reserved seating opens for all other content!

Alexa Hack Day: Come Build and Learn

MGM Studio Ballroom
Monday, Nov. 26
Doors open at 9AM

Do you love building things? Do you love Amazon Alexa, the voice service behind the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot? Do you love winning awesome prizes? Of course you do! Come join us at Alexa Hack Day—a one day, eight hour hackathon that challenges developers and designers to build something awesome with Alexa. You can use Alexa to build whatever you like. It could be a fun game, a personal life hack, something that helps a community, or something specific for businesses. Mash it up with your favorite AWS service, and other APIs. Alexa can be a concierge, sous chef, fitness coach, personal shopper, DJ, or anything else you’d like. The opportunities are endless.

Never built an Alexa skill? No problem. Our team will be there to support you every step along the way. You can have up to four people on a team. Don’t worry if you don’t have a team. We’ll have a fun team-forming session at the beginning. You’re also welcome to hack individually. Join us for a fun filled day of building and learning all things Alexa at re:Invent. Oh, and we have lots of prizes! Bring your laptop, ton of energy, and appetite for fun and learning. We’ll provide the rest.

2018 re:Invent NPO Hackathon for Social Good

MGM Studio Ballroom
Tuesday, Nov. 27
Doors open at 8AM

Welcome to the sixth annual re:Invent NPO Hackathon for Social Good, sponsored by Accenture. This year, we’ve teamed up with Compassion International, GameChanger Charity, Girls Who Code, and Goodwill Industries International to identify specific challenges facing each of the non-profits today. If you’re passionate about applying your coding skills for social good, come join us in Las Vegas to make new friends, learn new skills, and build functioning prototypes to address those challenges. At the end of the hackathon, all teams will present their demos to a panel of judges for a chance to win prizes. In past years, these winning solutions have often been put into production by the non-profits. Open to all AWS skill levels. Please bring your laptop!

Schedule of events:
Nov. 26 – NPO Hackathon Mixer (6–9PM): Get to know your fellow hackathon participants over food, drinks, and games and form your teams during the NPO Hackathon Mixer at Level Up in the MGM Grand, adjacent to Hakkasan. Confirmation of your reserved seat at the NPO Hackathon is required to gain entry.

Nov. 27 – NPO Hackathon @ MGM Grand Studio Ballroom: Doors open at 8AM, and the challenges are unveiled at 9AM. Teams will present their demos at 10PM with winners announced and prizes awarded at midnight. Throughout the day, we will have food, snacks, and drinks, plus Nintendo Switch gaming stations with Mario Kart.

To get familiar with AWS products and services, check out our AWS Developer Center.

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AWS GameDay: 2018 edition

MGM Studio Ballroom
Wednesday, Nov. 28
Doors open at 7AM
MGM Studio Ballroom
Wednesday, Nov. 28
Doors open at 1PM

Back with a brand new version in 2018, AWS GameDay is a simulation exercise that challenges your AWS skills to deploy, maintain, and scale an application in the face of changes and threats from both inside and outside your organization.

You’ll work as part of a new DevOps team at Unicorn.Rentals, the company that dominates the Legendary Animal Rental Market (LARM). To maintain Unicorn.Rentals' market dominance, you will be helping us grow and scale our systems. You'll need to manage unpredictable feature releases, changes to our microservices architecture, traffic fluctuations, new requirements, and much more. You and your team will earn points by keeping your application running, the requests flowing, and your customers happy.

AWS GameDay is suitable for anyone with some AWS experience: Whether you're a developer, solutions architect, or a DevOps practitioner, there's something for everyone. It's open-ended, so you can solve problems in a variety of ways. You'll have to communicate well with your team, prioritize your actions, and execute your plans to win the day.

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Security Jam

MGM Studio Ballroom
Thursday, Nov. 29
Doors open at 7AM

Join us for a day long jam! We will provide the beat and brand new incident response scenarios where you can learn new skills and practice current ones against a set of simulated security incidents. Can you identify what caused the blues? What would you do differently? How can you architect multiple AWS services to prevent it from happening again? How do you automate the incident response? Take part in our jam to find out! If you get excited about securing your stuff, come and challenge your skillset while learning some new techniques.

The AWS security community will be on hand to help you complete a series of incident response simulations and to build native cloud solutions. This is the opportunity to leverage a wide range of AWS services, with a focus on performing incident investigation and recovery.

As the challenges develop, you will take the initial infrastructure, and challenge by challenge, improve it into a resilient and secure deployment. Use your knowledge of AWS services and information security to perform incident response in the cloud and forensic analysis to find out whodunit! We will have a number of experienced AWS experts available in the room to discuss ideas, provide guidance, and in general help your team get through any roadblocks that come up.

New to AWS? New to security? Come and join us! Our activities are structured to accommodate AWS users of all levels. We have AWS experts, plus guided exercises, that will ramp up your security knowledge.

Put your skills and creativity to the test by producing innovative solutions for a secure deployment.

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