The Non-Profit Hackathon

Back for its 5th year is our Non-Profit Hackathon.

Each year AWS teams up with four non-profit organizations to identify real challenges being faced in today’s world. The four issues are then presented to our tech-savvy re:Invent audience in Las Vegas where we challenge creative developers and architects to build functioning prototypes to address these issues. At the end of the day, all solutions are presented, and the most innovative ones are chosen and often put into production by the non-profits.


Challenge Teaser: “Thorn is a nonprofit that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse. The Internet did not create child abuse, but it has democratized. We know that child abuse permeates all parts of the Internet from the Open Web to the darkest parts of the Deep Web. We work across all of these environments to build tools that find victims faster, deter abusive behavior and make platforms safer.”

National Fitness Foundation

Challenge Teaser: “The National Fitness Foundation (NFF) manages the nation's youth fitness program serving millions of students in schools across the country to help encourage healthy life habits. Lacking a platform for data collection and analysis has made it a challenge for the foundation to track the effectiveness of and make improvements to a program that is aimed at increasing health and decreasing the obesity of millions. Come help the NFF succeed in their goals and move into the 21st century by building an accessible platform for collection, analysis and open-sourcing the millions of data points collected regularly across the country!”

Federation of Internet Alerts

Challenge Teaser: “During Hurricane Harvey and the California Wildfires, FIA served more than 20 million alerts, distributing life-critical information to people before disaster struck and providing critical updates during the disaster. We are looking for new and innovative ways to get people’s attention, to alert them that they might be in danger or about a missing child. Last year’s Re:Invent Hackathon helped us push our technology further and this year we want to raise the bar in how people are alerted – let’s work together to help those in crisis receive critical information, updates and alerts!”


Challenge Teaser: “GlobalGiving currently provides a web interface for nonprofits to post long-form reports to donors about the impact that their donation has made. Donors enjoy getting these quarterly reports, but we think there could be incredible potential for more frequent, real-time updates from the field. We work in 170 countries around the world, often in areas with limited or poor internet connectivity, which can make it difficult to connect to our website to post quick updates. (Yes, some people take a bus for three hours to get to an internet cafe to post updates on our site!) We need your help to make it easier for our partners on the ground to post text, photo, audio, or video updates using simple, mobile mechanisms that works in third-world internet conditions. Help us find a way to easily aggregate these updates and send them out to donors using a variety of channels (web, email, social, etc.), which in turn builds donor trust, inspires more donations, and lets our partners focus on what really matters - making the world a better place.”