This half-day, intermediate-level bootcamp is designed to train customers and partners in recently launched AWS services and modern architectures. This bootcamp will feature services such as Amazon Athena, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Lex and serverless architecture, using AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB and API Gateway. While deeply immersed in a 3D virtual escape game, the player must solve several puzzles using new AWS services and modern architectures to escape from a series of locked-down floors in a futuristic building. This is an enablement session disguised as a game that improves knowledge retention and familiarity with new AWS services. Prizes and giveaways will be distributed to the top finishers of the game at the end of bootcamp.


This bootcmap teaches you how to:

  • Use new services and features from Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB to learn about serverless and modern architectures.
  • Use new AWS services and features such as Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Lex.
  • Use IAM and CloudFormation to enable security and cloud orquestration.
  • Use Amazon QuickSight features to report through the scoreboard of the game.

Intended Audience

This bootcamp is intended for:

  • Data engineers
  • Developers
  • Solutions architects


We recommend that game players have basic experience with using AWS services.

Delivery Method

This course is delivered through a mix of:

  • 3D Escape Room Game built with Lumberyard
  • Remote desktop to run the game client application
  • Presentation and guidance during the training session


Note: A laptop is required in order to complete the game; tablets are not appropriate.


Half day


This bootcamp explores the following concepts:

  • Core AWS services for serverless architectures
  • New AWS services such as Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Athena, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Lex
  • Security and Orchestration
  • Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight and DynamoDB (leader board projection)
  • Lumberyard development capabilities