Each year, we’re excited to bring our customers together to network, engage, and learn more about AWS at the largest gathering of the cloud computing community. We hope you are looking forward to a great week of announcements, valuable technical sessions, fun after-hours activities, and more. Join us to learn how to make the most of your time in Las Vegas.

For AWS re:Invent 2018, we will be sharing a series of 15-minute webinars to help you understand what to expect at re:Invent. We will cover everything from registration opening, to bringing you our subject matter experts on AWS services and solutions, to how best prepare you to join us onsite in Las Vegas. We’ll also share with you the fun stuff we have on deck for re:Invent: the 4K and the 8K, Tatonka, and re:Play, plus more. And as we get closer, we will also help you learn how to navigate your way around the re:Invent campus.

Whether you’re a veteran or a first-time attendee these webinars will provide tips and tricks for a successful week at re:Invent.

Schedule for re:Invent webinars:

Episode 1 – May 16 – Watch on-demand
Are you ready for re:Invent 2018? In the kick-off episode, you'll get an introduction to all things re:Invent 2018. Join your hosts, Annie Hancock (Head of Creative & Customer Experiences, AWS) and Jill Fagan (Lead, AWS re:Invent Content) for a high-level overview of the campus, the content, the after-hours events, and all of the ways we are making this year’s event even better than ever.
Episode 2 – June 13 - Watch on-demand
In this episode, we’ll start showcasing some of the amazing content we're bringing to our customers. Join us as we hear from technical track owner Drew Meyer, who has supported the development of re:Invent content for several years.
Episode 3 – July 18 - Watch on-demand
In this month’s episode, we’re rounding up all the AWS Training and Certification opportunities to be found on-site at re:Invent 2018. Get the insider details on what’s in store when Annie and Jill sit down with AWS Training and Certification Lead, Shannon O’Fallon, to dive deep into Bootcamps, Hands-on Labs, and how to get AWS Certified while at re:Invent.
Episode 4 – August 23 - Episode 4 – August 23 - Watch on-demand
Amazon has always been committed to tolerance and inclusion. And at AWS, we believe the future of tech is every color, gender, belief, origin, and community. Join Jill and Annie as they chat with special guests Abby Fuller (Senior Technical Evangelist) and Sacha Thompson (Inclusion Manager at AWS) to learn about all of the inclusion and diversity activities taking place at re:Invent this year.
Episode 5 – September 12 - Watch on-demand
Join Jill and Annie as they learn more about the Community Heroes programs at re:Invent from AWS Community Hero, Mark Nunnikhoven. Then, Chief Evangelist for AWS, Jeff Barr, will give us all the details on what he will be up to a re:Invent, and his recommendations for attendees. You don’t want to miss this episode packed with insider information!
Episode 6 – October 10 - Watch on-demand
In our episode this month, Annie and Jill will sit down with Cole Platt, Sr. Product Manager to discuss the AWS re:Invent mobile app. Cole will showcase all the innovations coming to the mobile experience this year. Plus, you’ll find out everything you need to know about reserved seating and how to help ensure you get into your priority sessions.
Episode 7 – November 9 - Watch on-demand
Put on your comfy shoes and get hydrated, because it's time to get moving. The re:Invent campus is huge, so getting around can seem overwhelming at times. But it doesn't have to be! Cole Platt, Sr. Product Manager for the AWS re:Invent mobile app, is back to show Jill and Annie all of the clever tricks we're using to help customers efficiently navigate the re:Invent campus using our new mobile app technology. Make sure you arrive on time and never miss a session.
Episode 8 – November 14 - Watch on-demand
After months of planning and preparation, all of the pieces are coming together for an amazing week at re:Invent 2018. But before you head out to Las Vegas, we've got one last bundle of tips and tricks to share. In the final episode of our "How to re:Invent" series, Annie and Jill will walk you through all of the last minute details you'll need to know before you arrive to help ensure you have an AWSome experience at re:Invent.