How to re:Invent

Whether you are still considering registering for re:Invent, an excited newbie wanting to learn more about what to expect, or a seasoned re:Invent veteran, How to re:Invent can help.

In these videos, we cover topics around registration, bring you our subject matter experts on AWS services and solutions, and share how best to prepare for coming onsite. We also share the fun stuff that we have planned for re:Invent: the 4K and the 8K, Tatonka, re:Play, and more. As we get closer, we will help you learn how to navigate your way around the re:Invent campus.

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    • DeepRacer at re:Invent 2019

      Jill and Annie meet with Alex and Sally to talk about DeepRacer: how the idea came about, the journey so far, DeepRacer TV, and what’s in store for DeepRacer at re:Invent 2019. For more information, visit the new DeepRacer League page here!
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    • Communities and Strategic Networking

      Jill Fagan and Annie Hancock are back for season 2 of How to re:Invent. Jill Fagan and Annie Hancock discuss more of what’s new for 2019. Annie outlines one of re:Invent 2019’s key goals: helping attendees to find like-minded people, and connect in all kinds of different ways. Jill also overviews a great new addition for people looking to make meaningful connections: strategic networking in our industry-based networking lounges. Stay tuned for more!
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    • What's New for 2019

      Jill Fagan and Annie Hancock are back for season 2 of How to re:Invent. Jill shares information about content: the session catalog, schedule guides, schedule experts, and more. Annie talks about Quirky updates, including Midnight Madness and “choose your own adventure” activities. Stay tuned for the full season 2 schedule coming soon.

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