Preview the Builders’ Fair

  • My Tutor: Promoting inclusivity through Amazon Alexa and AWS DeepLens

    Using AWS DeepLens and character recognition, My Tutor leverages an Alexa skill to help children identify letters and numbers and make learning fun. This project will inspire technologists and professionals working in education for special needs children to implement similar solutions for an inclusive educational experience.

  • Automated corrosion detection using machine learning

    Visual inspection of industrial equipment is a common requirement across many industries, and it requires qualified experts available to do the inspection. This project reimagines the inspection process, demonstrating the detection and visualization of metal corrosion using a web application to enable remote inspection.

  • Drone Zone

    Public safety relies on the ability for first responders to assess the environment and respond appropriately. Drone Zone showcases how machine learning at the edge can be used to leverage drones for object tracking to assist first responders.

  • RhythmCloud 2.0: Now with robotics

    RhythmCloud is a cloud-powered drum instructor that leverages the power of AWS IoT Core and AWS IoT Greengrass to drive robots that teach drumming students new drum beats and songs. The system also gauges the drummer’s accuracy to help the students find a path to improvement in their skills.

  • Multilingual omnichannel contact center

    In a contact center, language barriers between a customer and an agent can be a challenge. This project automatically translates chat conversations between users in real time to their language preference, allowing for a better customer experience.

  • Rock-A-Bye Baby: Intelligent sleep assistant

    Rock-A-Bye Baby detects when a baby wakes up from sleep and takes different actions, based on configurable settings. The actions include playing lullaby or sleep sounds, turning on a connected swing, and notifying parents. Parents can also monitor the baby through a live video feed and track the baby’s sleep patterns using a mobile app.

  • Automating wind farm maintenance using drones and AI

    Wind turbine maintenance is a very expensive and high-risk task. This project demonstrates how you can use the power of drones, machine learning, and the Internet of Things on the edge and cloud to make turbine maintenance safer and more cost-effective. A project demo shows how an active maintenance team can be seamlessly incorporated into the AI-enhanced inspection process.

  • Virtual AWSome Mind: Dynamic codebreaking with machine vision and IoT

    This project puts a cloud-native spin on the classic Mastermind game from the 1970s. In this project, the player attempts to dynamically break a randomly generated code portrayed by a set of four multicolored sticky notes. As the notes are moved in real time to new sequences, AWS DeepLens transforms the captured video into data that is evaluated and presented back from the AWS Cloud.

  • Robo van Gogh

    Robo van Gogh uses facial recognition to sketch an artistic rendering in real time. Strike a pose, and watch as an IoT arm sketches your portrait using a graphite pencil on a piece of paper. Your portrait can be emailed to you, if you choose.

  • Smart recycle kit

    Do you ever have trouble identifying which items go into the recycle bin and which go into the regular garbage bin? The Recycle Kit can differentiate between recyclable and nonrecyclable items.

  • Connected vehicle repair

    What if your car was able to book appointments for you at your local car dealership and send details about your car, including error codes, prior to your arrival? And what if your technician was able to identify the issue and visualize the repair using augmented reality without ever touching it? This project incorporates a full end-to-end repair experience for the driver and repair technician.