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  • Hiroko Nishimura

    For AWS newbies

    Hiroko Nishimura

    I’m Hiroko Nishimura, an AWS Community Hero. I founded AWS Newbies to help make a “career in the cloud” accessible to people from diverse backgrounds. Last year, I attended re:Invent and it was daunting to choose sessions because there were so many! I created this guide for AWS newbies who want to expand their understanding of how AWS can benefit career, company, and society by selecting sessions ranging in topics from “What is AWS?” to programs helping underrepresented minorities (URMs) begin their cloud careers to cool ways companies use AWS. I’m especially looking forward to sessions talking about ways organizations use AWS to create impact for people with disabilities, URMs, and formerly incarcerated citizens!

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  • Mark Nunnikhoven


    Mark Nunnikhoven

    My name is Mark Nunnikhoven. I’m an AWS Community Hero, builder, and a digital forensic scientist. My work has focused on security and privacy for a long time, and I’m a huge advocate for cloud. Why? Because the cloud gives us an opportunity to meet our security goals faster and with less effort. How? By treating security as a core part of what we’re building instead of an afterthought. This guide explores this perspective. It contains some purely security-focused sessions addressing topics like AWS IAM, Amazon Detective, and network security. It also brings to light some broader topics like architectural trends, the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and serverless designs.

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  • Guillermo A. Fisher

    Analytics in practice

    Guillermo A. Fisher

    I’m Guillermo Fisher, an AWS Data Hero based in Virginia. I’ve run teams, architected applications, and helped companies build AWS data lakes. I’m the head of Infrastructure at Handshake—the leading career network for college students—and I provide technology education to people of color through an organization called 757ColorCoded. This guide is for anyone interested in finding out more about the way companies are leveraging AWS analytics services to solve real-world, relevant problems. You’ll learn, for example, how tools like Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Athena are being used to tackle COVID-19 related issues, and how Amazon QuickSight plays a key role in city planning.

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  • Robert Koch


    Robert Koch

    I’m Robert Koch, an AWS Data Hero. I help drive cloud-based architecture and enjoy talking data and event-driven systems. I’m currently building learning modules for Deaf Kids Code. My goal is to show the advantages in going serverless, leveraging cloud-based tooling, and data storage. This guide will help you decide the best strategy for data storage in the cloud, whether it’s a relational database or a key-value store or something designed for fast retrieval, while having the data prepared for analytics. I’ve picked sessions to help you better understand why the cloud has advantages over on-premises data systems and highlight features that will help data gurus in their cloud journey.

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  • Kesha Williams

    Machine learning

    Kesha Williams

    Hi, I’m Kesha Williams, an AWS Machine Learning Hero and a senior AWS training architect with A Cloud Guru. I’ve helped countless developers find their paths to machine learning using AWS. There are several exciting machine learning sessions from which to choose. I’ve reviewed them all and hand-selected my favorite twelve just for you. If you’re a developer looking to transition to machine learning, a data scientist wanting to learn how to build, train and deploy sophisticated models using Amazon SageMaker, or you simply want to leverage AI/ML services to make your systems smarter, this guide will help you maximize the time you spend leveling up your machine learning skills.

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  • Dave Stauffacher

    For storage enthusiasts

    Dave Stauffacher

    I’m Dave Stauffacher, an AWS Community Hero with a background in data storage and protection. The re:Invent session catalog is full of great storage content for both the beginner and veteran alike. Whether you’re looking to expand your use of Amazon S3, optimize your Amazon EFS volumes, or learn about the new features in Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, there are sessions for you! And no re:Invent would be complete without attending Kyle Knapp’s session on the AWS CLI—one not to be missed! If you’re looking to get caught up on all the AWS storage offerings, here are the presentations that I recommend you add to your list.

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  • Dev tooling and modern app best practices

    Jared Short

    Howdy, I'm Jared Short, an AWS DevTools Hero. I have spent the last six or so years helping developers and organizations effectively utilize AWS. These days, I work at Stedi, where we are 100% in on AWS and serverless natives. I’m on a team dedicated to making sure the rest of our engineering teams are given all the tools and patterns they need to have joyful developer experiences. This guide is for the person looking to provide value in the day-to-day processes for their teams and the broader organization as well as help their teams leverage the AWS ecosystem with agility and confidence. Most of the selections are sessions that will help you understand, adopt, and promote best practices and AWS native tooling within your organization.

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  • Chris Gong

    Cloud fundamentals in game development

    Chris Gong

    I’m Chris Gong, a game development enthusiast who is constantly experimenting with different AWS services and their use cases in multiplayer networking and game development. As an AWS Community Hero, I want to introduce you to topics that will help jump-start your journey into AWS and introduce you to interesting talks that showcase real-life examples of AWS being applied in professional game development scenarios. Although my recommended sessions are mostly geared toward those who are not very experienced in AWS, I believe that the foundational concepts covered across these offerings are fundamental to anyone, regardless of their development background, who is interested in exploring AWS.

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  • For serverless enthusiasts

    Ant Stanley

    I’m Ant Stanley, AWS Serverless Hero and ServerlessDays Organizer. I’ve been involved in the serverless community since 2015 and have closely followed the serverless movement since its inception. As serverless platforms, practices, and knowledge mature, we’re seeing greater and more ambitious adoption of serverless platforms. Serverless is a hot topic and it’s hard to choose sessions. My recommended sessions cover a variety of topics from the future of serverless through to the business case, transformation, architecture, front end, technical deep dives, security, and serverless open-source projects. I recommend attending a mix of sessions and getting a broad view of how serverless is used.

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  • Vicky Tanya Seno


    Vicky Tanya Seno

    Hi! I am Vicky Tanya Seno, an AWS Container Hero. As a computer science professor at Santa Monica College, where I teach numerous AWS courses, I find that when students are beginning their journey into cloud computing there is a fundamental need to include application containerization and container orchestration in their skillset. This is due to the growing demand on containers in areas such as data science, high performance computing, edge devices, and infrastructure migration to AWS. My session playlist recommends topics on simplifying container deployment, legacy workload migration using containers, optimizing costs for containerized applications, container architectural choices, and more.

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