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Do you have what it takes to efficiently scale and deploy an application that meet the demands of the connected world and still conquer threats from both inside and outside of your company?

Can you keep a cloud-based workload running through extreme traffic spikes and malicious attacks, with little input from the people who built it the first time? Can you support and evolve this application over time to achieve the most efficient architecture?

If this sounds like your idea of a good time, join us for the AWS GameDay competition at re:Invent 2016 and show off your scale compute skills.

Not yet so confident in your abilities? Sign up and take the challenge to learn tips and tricks from AWS resources and your teammates.

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A Digital Adventure

Come with us on a digital adventure through the high-pressure game of a lifetime as you and your teammates take on explosive traffic growth, ever changing code deployments, internal and external threats, and the challenge of working together as a team to keep your infrastructure online and your customers happy.

Your Mission

It’s a year later and is still humming along (who would have guessed). The company has selected you to come in and support their new DevOps initiative. All of the development has been outsourced and it is now the task of the new DevOps team to support deploying and scaling what is quite possibly the most critical piece of the entire application, the messaging backbone. No messages, no unicorns!

You and your entire team are all new to the company but with the company having been at this for over a year things should be operating solidly and you should be able to contribute to help move them along on their next growth phase.

Of course, this would not be such a big deal if the previous DevOps team, who coincidentally was hired right after re:Invent 2015, had not just left the company to pursue a new augmented reality adventure designed for cats. Minimal documentation, minimal communication with the previous DevOps team, and a large media event scheduled for later in the day. No sweat, right?

Rack Up Points And Win Prizes

In this intense, full-day competition, you and your team will earn points by maximizing performance, minimizing downtime, and managing unpredictable variables from forces both outside and inside the company.

To pull ahead of the pack, you will need to secure and optimize your platform using the features and services AWS has to offer, along with the unique skills and expertise you bring to the table.

There will be awards for the most requests answered, the most efficient infrastructure, and the most innovative approach to the challenge.

Take Ownership Of An Initial Architecture

AWS GameDay groups individuals into teams who will take ownership of an initial architecture and evolve it into a high-performing machine able to react to any situation. Go through your own personal GameDay as you learn how to deal with scaling out infrastructure, implementing high availability design, supporting code deployments, system monitoring and alerting, and crisis management.

Keep Yourself Atop The Leaderboard

Throughout the day, you will evolve your initial infrastructure into one that will continue to perform as various roadblocks pop up. Use your knowledge of AWS services, or learn as you go, but always keep your infrastructure performing as optimally as possible in order to build up points for your team and stay ahead of the competition.

Now Open For Registration: AWS Gameday

GameDay is open to anyone with an AWS re:Invent conference pass, but signups are limited to the first 300 players. Previous experience with AWS is highly recommended. Your GameDay fuel will be on us: look for snacks, dinner, and beverages to be provided throughout the day.

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Day 1

Monday, November 28


Welcome to GameDay! Basic orientation.


First Day on the Job. Meet your team and let’s get started.


OK, something is not right here.

Would a code deployment fix this?


Are we actually using the right AWS services for this?

Do we need a change?


Who keeps sending us all these crazy messages?


Dinner (hope there is time to eat!)


Who built this app?


Boss seems a little disappointed in our progress.

Let’s see what we can do to improve things before we leave.


Red Hat Presentation


Wrap Up and Awards


I’ve already registered for re:Invent 2016. How do I register for the GameDay?

Log back into your re:Invent account, click Purchase Additional Registration Items, and then select the GameDay. Note: You’ll only be able to register for one activity on Monday. Once registration fills up, you’ll automatically be put on the waitlist. We’ll notify you if you get cleared off of the waitlist.

Where is GameDay being held?

GameDay will be held in the Venetian. Please pick up your re:Invent conference badge prior to coming to GameDay as you will need it to enter the event. Check the re:Invent agenda for the actual room location for GameDay.

Do I need a team?

No. We will be staging each participant into a team based on skill level. We feel that this makes the event more interesting as you get to meet other people you would not normally work with. It also adds another element to the game where you need to learn to work together as a team in order to be successful.

GameDay has filled up. Can I still join?

There is a waitlist for GameDay which will accommodate individuals who registered after the GameDay participant limit has been reached. As spots become available we will notify people on the waitlist. On the day of the event, if there are any seats available after GameDay officially starts, we will let people in on a first-come, first-served.

What equipment do I need to bring with me?

Bring your laptop, laptop charger, and any external devices that you feel you need to be productive (keyboard, mouse, etc.).

What will AWS be providing?

Food and Beverages, power strips, internet access, a memorable experience.

Do I need any AWS experience in order to participate?

We find that GameDay is more enjoyable to people who have some AWS experience. We will be creating teams based on AWS experience level in order to give each team a mix of experience and help everyone with the learning process.

Do I need an AWS account to participate?

We will be providing each team with an AWS account that they can work in for the duration of the GameDay event. This account will be destroyed at the end of the event.

I did GameDay at re:Invent last year. Is this year going to be the same?

This year’s GameDay will be a brand new challenge so we encourage alumni to attend.

How much does it cost to participate in GameDay?

Great news: The AWS GameDay is free and open to attendees with a full conference pass.

When is GameDay this year?

GameDay is on Monday, November 28th and starts at 1:00pm.